KAR Energy Software

Reduce the power consumption of your computer until 48%!

System Requirements

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KAR Energy Software

Reduce power consumption while increasing its capabilities!

KAR Energy Software in 10 points:

  • 48% consumption reduction.
  • Increases battery life.
  • Extends the life of equipment with automation.
  • Best Power Plan.
  • No Internet connection needed.
  • Accelerates the performance of your computer (x 5).
  • Customize actual consumption of RAM and processor speed.
  • Reduces the startup time of your PC (x 4).
  • Lowers the temperature of your processor (- 10° C).
  • Switch on the PC thanks to "Wake On Timer"and "Wake On LAN".

Current PC rejects:

0 g of CO2

One computer per year rejects 250Kg of CO2.

A fully automated software!

KAR Energy Software is the software which drastically reduces the power consumption of your computer or server until 48% in 4 different ways: 

  • By reducing the consumption of RAM
  • CPU cooling (electronic)
  • By managing the power of the processor (has nothing to do with the CPU cooling)
  • By putting the computer into standby (still putting the PC to sleep when a program prevents it) with auto-standby and Wake Up!

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A fully automated software